“I’m born and raised on Long Island and ya know what I’m dramatic”


A former "model" that is now the wife of diamond dealer Mikey Goldenbaum. Gina is classy, loves white zin, and every diamond that she's ever met.

“I may be from the Bronx but I’m smart, beautiful and I work with computers!”


"It's pronouced LA- DASH- A for those of you who can't read!" Born and raised in the Bronx LA-A is trying to find the balance between her box cutter and her new suburban surroundings. 

“I may have a sketchy past but I can predict your future.”


Alexis, Mikey Goldenbaum’s sister and Gina's sister in law, is recently out of rehab for her addiction to St. John’s Wort. She is an aspiring medium with a shady past. 

 “I’m Sweet Sensitive, and Strong... Just like Long Island.”


Strong, Sexy, and Single Paulette is loved by all! With her passion for Zumba and her love of Long Island she captures the hearts of all those she meets.

“So what if I chain smoke, I’m named after a chain. Caldor”


Caldor, Gina's sister, is the owner of the hair and nail salon "Sike".

A recent divorcee and what some may call a cougar and alcoholic,

she is always up for a good time!